B.B.’s Closet: Mini Dresses by AOFULI

img_0944Greetings! It as been some time since I’ve written about clothing pieces I found and adore. So, today I will be discussing a great website stylewe.com I stumbled upon some time last year.

I was drawn to this site because of the unique styles that they offer at a reasonable price. If you follow me on IG, you know how much I adore dresses and sytlewe.com has a plethora of them!

During my search, I learned of the label AOFULI and I have fallen for the mini dresses.

One of the main reasons why I like AOFULI is because of the uniqueness of the designs. The designer uses embroidery and embellishments along with a touch of quirkiness that adds to the uniqueness of the designs. I also adore this line because the sizes range from Small to 5X, which is equivalent to US sizes 0 to 18. The look and feel of the fabric is great. And it comes packaged in a nice reusable plastic bag.


I paired the dress with black fleece tights from Lane Bryant and black patent leather low heel wedges. The complete look is youthful, corky, and just plain cute! To see more pics of this adorable outfit – follow me on Facebook! And to see more of B.B.’s looks – give us a follow on Instagram!

Until the next time, dare to be cute and dare to be unapologetically you!

– B.B.