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Being You Requires Compromising Elsewhere

Over the past few weeks I have been focusing on personal betterment by identifying my issues. I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that it is my desire to inspire and encourage others through the words that I write. Even though I consider blogging as a creative outlet and a vehicle to hopefully help others, I often struggle with my level of popularity in comparison with others working in the same craft. And sometimes I wonder if I’m missing something. But, life always seems to have an interesting way of providing reassurance.

A few nights ago I was scrolling through social media and I paused at a post that expressed similar feelings that I have described in the sentences above, and to be perfectly honest – her words inspired me tremendously. After I read the post I picked up my journal that I use to capture ideas regarding possible blog entries to add a synopsis of the words I read. Interestingly, the page that I turned to has records of my thoughts that questioned whether or not I am supposed to be popular. I realize my voice is not heard by the masses, and oftentimes I feel overlooked and rejected. In the midst of my questioning I saw a commercial that I hadn’t seen before. It was about a food brand with a compelling concept that was shared at the end of the commercial -“Compromise elsewhere.”

The word compromise can be a noun or verb depending on how it is used. As a verb it means to be weakened by accepting criteria that is lesser than what is desired. Please don’t misunderstand me, in some cases compromise is a necessity. However, there are some instances where compromising is not an option. Furthermore, there are some situations that will require negotiating in some areas. But, when it comes to being who you are – compromise elsewhere.

I had a conversation with my mother concerning some issues she was pondering over and she said, “Live what you tell people.” This statement resonated within me. It is imperative for me to stay true to who I am regardless of what may transpire.

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I try to encourage all of you to be your unique selves every time I share a piece of me with you. But, how can I preach that if I am not doing it myself? By no means am I trying to say each day will not have its challenges – it will. But, I must fight through those feelings of non-acceptance. It is ok to fall – just as long as I get back up.

So, am choosing not to change my course or alter my speech. I must live the words I write about and most of all – compromise elsewhere. I invite you to continue this journey with me as we learn how to love ourselves deeper by each passing day. As I stated before, it may not be an easy task – but, it is worth the fight not to compromise who we are.

Until the next time, be you and most importantly – love you.

Being uniquely you is being uniquely beautiful.