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Dear Diary; The Current Thoughts of this Buxom Beauty

Dear Diary,

Today is December 26, 2017 and I am in complete awe over how fast this year has gone by. I can recall the days of my youth when I felt like time moved so slowly. I remember thinking I couldn’t wait for the weekend, summer vacation, my birthday, and even Christmas. And it amazes me that now I feel the complete opposite. Sometimes I wish I could hit the brake on time to slow it down. I guess the saying is true – we’re never satisfied – or maybe this feeling is something that comes with age and maturity.

Now that I am older I see the value of the non-tangible things in life and the importance of appreciating time. A few months ago I wrote about time being a precious commodity and how imperative it is not to waste it. I admit that I haven’t done a great job at not wasting time. I still have a lot of improving to do in this area. However, I hope I have made some positive strides toward being a good steward of my time.

There are several things I’ve experienced personally, and as a bystander, that have taught me how precious time with loved ones is, in addition to time in solitude.

The importance of valuing time has been on my mind for quite some time. I hope these thoughts aren’t a precursor to something horrific – but, rather a gentle reminder to value the time I am given. And that can be defined in various ways. Today I had a workday that was normal. I arrived at work at 8:00 am and left at 4:00 pm. I was home before 5:30 pm and I have been relaxing all evening. I need more nights like this; and some nights with friends, and even more nights with a significant other thrown in the mix.

I’ll take these thoughts as a nudge to spend my time more wisely – I still have 19 things remaining on my list to complete and a whole lot of living to do.

Until the next time, be you and most importantly – love you.

Being uniquely you is being uniquely beautiful.

– B.B.