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If Not Now…When?

My father asked the above question several years ago while he was delivering an “exhortation” – as he calls it, at church. He and I revisited the subject yesterday when I shared my “List of 20 things to do.” It is my desire to redeem the time, I’ve wasted entirely too much of this precious commodity. However, I am proud to say I have some agenda items for this week that are on my list.

I currently have lunch and dinner plans for this week. I also ordered a prime rib roast to prepare for Christmas dinner and I spotted a coupon for Rosetta Stone on Groupon, that will be my gift to me.

I’m looking forward to my scheduled events for this week. And I’m leaning toward mimicking the movie “Julie & Julia” by blogging all about it.

You are invited to come by again later this week to learn how my journey of living is going.

Until the next time, be you and most importantly – love you.

Being uniquely you is being uniquely beautiful.

– B.B.